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Introduction to conference title

The state-of-the-art technology is entering new spheres of life. Presently, we are capable of performing such tasks with a smartphone, which in the past required the use of many large size devices. Equally rapid progress can be observed in forensic science; the technologies which were available exclusively to the biggest scientific consortia at the beginning of this century, are nowadays used by small, local laboratories. The development of science and technology allows for examination and analysis of human genome in the scope which not long ago had been considered as literary of film fiction. The power of computing and capacity of modern sequencers offer the possibility for exploring a human genome in several days and presently developed examination methods contribute to extracting more information from our genome.
The laboratory work automation robots become generally available and allow for the reduction of time required for nearly each laboratory process. Due to the fact that the barriers in the examination and analysis of biological material for the needs of forensic genetics are quickly disappearing, it becomes vital to provide a platform for DNA experts and specialists for sharing experience, expertise but also their concerns about the implementation of new technology to daily practice.

The conference is addressed to researchers working on the subject of forensic genetic analyses, DNA databases, law and related fields. The presentations will be given by researchers from Polish and foreign scientific institutes, universities and forensic laboratories of the Police and they will cover the following subjects:

  • Prediction analysis and determination of phenotype characteristics basing upon DNA analysis;
  • Forensic DNA analysis of plants, animals and microbes;
  • Automation of laboratory processes and mobile solutions dedicated to forensic biology;
  • Legal and ethical aspects of genetic examination;
  • Modern technology for detection and recovery of biological evidence;
  • Application of statistical methods in forensic DNA analysis;
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis;
  • Education and training for forensic experts.

The conference will be an excellent opportunity to present the newest products, services and technologies to a wide range of forensic geneticists representing national and foreign forensic medicine institutes, medical universities and forensic laboratories.

With this in mind, it is my utmost pleasure to invite you to participate in the international scientific conference NEXTlab, which will take place in the period between 6-8 June 2018 in Gdynia. The leading theme of the conference includes modern technology in forensic DNA laboratory starting from the detection and recovery of DNA evidence through the examination and analysis process in the laboratory. The conference will primarily focus on the following issues:

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The conference takes place in the Gdynia Tri-City at the Conference Centre of  Nadmorski hotel

Important dates

Early bird registration fee 11 May 2018
Abstract submission 11 May 2018
Hotel reservation deadline with payment 11 May 2018
Conference registration 11 May 2018

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